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Xtras.jp introduce 'Xtra', which extends the power of Macromedia Director.

What's New

WebViewer Xtra version 1.5.1 released.

  • Terrible confliction with the Microsoft's latest WindowsUpdate patch was fixed. With this patch, clicking a hyperlink causes crash!

WebViewer Xtra version 1.5 released.

  • "Save()" and "SaveAs()" sprite methods added.
  • In NewWindow2 event handler, URL and target name of the new page are available.
  • In some case Navigate() sprite method did not use its target name argument.
  • When the sprite was hidden by Hide() sprite method, you couldn't resize the sprite.

WebViewer Xtra version 1.4 released.

  • MacOSX 10.4 Tiger supported.
  • "version" cast member property added. You can check the version of WebViewer Xtra in run-time.
  • "hideOnStart" cast member property added. You can control initial visibility of WebViewer sprite.
  • "cancelNavigation" property added for canceling navigations. Now you can't control the navigations in the return value of BeforeNavigate2 and FileDownload handlers. Notice: It breaks the backward compatibility!!
  • "cancelNewWindow" property added for canceling to open a new browser window. Now you can't control it in the return value of NewWindow2 handler. Notice: It breaks the backward compatibility!!
  • Some minor bugs including behavior attachment problems were fixed.

WebViewer Xtra version 1.3 released.

  • "Register()" method changed as a cast member method.
  • "scrollWidth", "scrollHeight", "scrollLeft", "scrollTop" properties added for implementing own scroll bars.
  • In some DirectorMX2004 Projector environment, WebViewer was hided by the projector. (Macintosh)

WebViewer Xtra version 1.2 released.

  • "Show()" and "Hide()" sprite methods added.
  • "available" cast member property works correctly. (Windows)
  • "html" sprite property can receive a long text string value. (Windows)

WebViewer Xtra version 1.1 released.

  • Local path (ex. the moviePath & "test.html") works correctly.
  • "baseURL" sprite property added. (Macintosh)
  • "blend" sprite property works correctly. (Macintosh)
  • 1-pixel black border removed.
  • "mailto:" link works correctly.

WebViewer Xtra version 1.0 released.
Xtras.jp web site opened !